Aleksei Alyosha
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Me in my armor
The Violent Bird
The Caring Killer
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Height 6'5
Affiliation Camp
Weapons Knife
Species Bird Shape-Shifter
Home Camp
Quests None

Алексей Алëша


There was once a company called Menotha. This company was in charge of supplying the military with weapons as well as create chemicals for scientists. They were having quite an unusual amount of break in attempts from protestors who were against using animals to test chemicals on. The break in's were so bad that they got military grade guards to post everywhere on their property. The only problem was that the guards where disappearing at a rapid rate. The Military grew very suspicious and decided to send a Black Operatives team in code named "DOW". No one knows exactly what this stands for except for the members themselves.

There were 8 men. They were all sent to the same base. The first on the scene was Alojzy Janękÿ. The Second, Aleksei Alyosha. They instantly became friends and promised to protect eachother's backs. He was the muscle of the squad and also the head leader. He first grew up in Moscow Russia and was raised in a poor atmosphere. His parents where killed when he was 15 and was sent to a Orphanage for teenagers. He went and relized how chaotic it is around the place. After a few months he was able to bring everyone together and help make the orphanage a wonderful place. When he turned 18 he instantly decided to join the Spetsnaz and become a soldier. That's what got him to the team "DOW" in the first place. As he walked into the corporation he felt a very strange presence. Almost like a presence of death. After a few months they went into the basement and found a list of dead soldiers that were experimented on. This was all the evidence they needed. As Alojzy Janękÿ set fire to the basement, Aleksei killed everyone responsible for the deaths of the soldiers. After the mission the squad was sent to a armory in New York to guard. They got a letter from a woman named Luna and followed the address to a remote location with a Ferry at it. It took them to the island where they were greeted by Luna and taken to camp.


He is calm and handles situations well. When violence comes forward he will get excited and fight until his last breath. He is naturally leading and also naturally kind hearted. He will help when needed and will protect anyone. He will always choose the side of the person he thinks is right.