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This character is a Vampire Shape Shifter.
Bambi River Stinson
Love...Love is just a distraction from what's important in life. Partying
The Man-eater
Ashamed Bloodsucker
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Mary Stinson-Mother

Catherine-Half Sister

Will Fry-Father

Jo Fry-Step Mother

Kevin Fry-Half brother

Status Alive and single
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Camp, herself
Weapons Powers
Species Vampire
Home Camp
Quests N/A


Originally, Bambi was a strong believer in sex after marriage. She wanted to simply settle down and have a family when she was older. However, aged 17, she rapidly changed. She no longer wants a long-term relationship. Bambi also doesn't want to become a 'boring, grown up mother'. She's not a very sporty person, and also, whilst having some friends, isn't the best. She lies and cheats her way out of things, and often only thinks of herself. However, she can sometimes prove to be kind. She has a mild Dr.Pepper addiction.


Born to a middle-class woman in London, and an unknown man, she often felt cheated of her childhood. She would always beg her mother to tell her who her father was, and her mother would say the first name that came into her head. She heard Eddy Black, Rick Smith, she was even told her father was Hugh Laurie. Her older sister, Cathrine, quickly caught on, and told Bambi that her mother was lying to her. Aged 14, Bambi stormed out of the house to find her father.

Bambi went quickly to the police, and asked for help finding her father. They got to work straight away. During this time, Bambi reluctantly returned home until he was found. During this time, her relationship with her mother deteriorated. Everyday, she went to the police to ask if they found him, and always got the same answer. No.

After two weeks, it finally happened. She met her father, Will Fry. She moved in with her father, and lived a happy life. She adored her step-mother and half-brother, and was taught to be a 'good catholic girl', despite her mother always saying 'there is no G-d, else we'd be happy'. She got a boyfriend, and planned to marry him when they were 25. However, one night, on her 18th birthday, she was bitten by a vampire. She ran away from home so as to avoid her family's dissapointment, and stowed away on a plane to America. After a week of wondering, she bumped into a young man, who saw she was a Vampire. As it was night, they quickly went to camp. She never found out who the man was, and he seems to have gone.