PupBenett GibsonPup

Dog Shape-Shifter
This Character Belongs to Brocky

This character is a Dog Shape Shifter.

Basic Info

Full Name Bennet William Thomas Gibson
Pronunciation BEN-ət
Born Febuary 19th 1996
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Dog Shape-Shifter
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
Languages Spoken English

Background Info
Hometown Miami, Florida, U.S.A
Religious Views Hellenist
Firsts Kiss =
Love =
Sex =
Family Info
Parents Fiona & Greg Gibson


Model: James Gaisford

Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'2
Weight 154lbs
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 9
Blood Type B+
Eye Sight 20/20
Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style Nice Looking
Distinguishing Marks N/A
Body Style Fit

General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames Ben
Current Location Camp Shape-Shift
Pets None
Likes Soccer, Baseball and playing catch
Dislikes Not having anything to do
Fears/Phobias Panthophobia
Hobbies Baseball
Motto "The grass may not be greener on the other side."
Things He Won't Do Eat sushi
Person They Secretly Admire Not sure
Most Influenced By Himself
Most Important People Before Camp Fiona & Greg Gibson
Most Important People Now Not sure
Immediate Goals Have fun
Long Term Goals Get married
Reacts to a Crisis? Good
Face Their Problems? Head on
Reacts to Change Okay

Skills Agile
Weapon of Choice Mace
Strengths Hand To Hand COmbat
Weaknesses Climbing
Quests None

General Personality

Benett is always playful and fun to be around. It might just be his dog nature but he believes it is just the way he was raised.

Name Relation Feelings
Greg Gibson Father I love him so much
Fiona Gibson Mother I love her so much

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