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Danica Woods
The Kind Wolf
Twin of Luna
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Luna-Sister

Catherine-Mum Dom-Father

Status Alive and Single
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Ginger
Height 5'6"
Affiliation Camp

Her sister and friends

Weapons Dagger and powers
Species Dog Shape Shifter
Home Camp
Quests None

This character is a Dog Shape Shifter.


Born to teenagers in NY, Danica and Luna were different. They could shift. They were abused heavily by their parents after they turned three. Danica would often shout at them to protect Luna. This would normally result in a beating for Danica. Aged 9, the girls finally ran away. Packing clothes, food, and a few other things to earn money with, they put it all in a suitcase each, grabbed their coats, hats and gloves, and ran out of the apartment. They ran down the stairs, pushed out of loby. They ran for twenty minutes, until the sleepy girls found a park bench to sleep on together. The bench was hidden, and the two shared a sleeping bag for warmth. In the morning, the still empty park, apart from a homeless guy and his dog. The girls then went on a search for proper shealter. In the park, they found a little cavern formed by leaves and shrubs. They sliped in, set out a small tent using a big cloth, sticks they found and placed their things inside. Danica would steal food from a shop and Luna would sell things they didn't need. After half a year of travaling around the city, they were found by a kind couple, who were shape shifters too. The two told the girls all about camp, and when they were 17, the couple took them to camp.


Danica is a spirited, smart, kind and playful girl aged 16, though a little bit naive. However, she is not afraid to stand up for herself or others when the situation calls for the bravery. She is proficiently educated in literature, and talented in almost all areas such as music and baking and even more advanced subjects like astronomy, as illustrated by her completely charted astronomical patterns. She is very charismatic. Danica is also known, particularly by her sister, to be quite trustworthy and never ever breaks the promises she makes. She is rebellious and cares about her believes. She loves Sims 2 as well, and her greatest passion is music, including the violin, her fave instrument. She loves the BBC shows Sherlock and Doctor Who, having small crushes on Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch.



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