This character belongs to District3
Fox 2
This character is a Fox Shape Shifter.

Daniel Adams
Fox Shape-Shifter
The Shy Fox
Important Information
Gender Male
Family {{{family}}}
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height {{{height}}}
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Weapons Axe
Species Shape Shifter
Home {{{home}}}
Quests None


Mysterious and reservated


Daniel used to live in New York with his father, Marc and his mother, Julia (who was a fox shape shifter from who he got the fox genes). They lived near a park with a little forest where Julia liked taking Daniel when he was a baby. When he was a little bit older he became very shy and will not talk to people he didn't trust and will prefer to stay away from other children.

When he started high school he will go to the park after school so he will be there alone. He one day saw a fox and followed it, when he was near it the fox didn't run away from him. From that day everyday after school he will see the fox in the park. 

One day he saw a letter with his name in it. It explained how he was a shapeshifter and about the camp. There was also information about how to arrive to the camp. He was shocked at first but decided to take the risk.

Before he left a letter explaining to his fathers about the letter. He went to the airport were he used the ticket icluded in the letter to go to an island in the Pacific. There he was picked up by a group of shifters and they went in boat to the camp.

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