Darcy McLean-Adams

Flower Nymph
The Cheerful Lily

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Basic Info
Full Name Darcy Emmy Jane McLean-Adams
Pronunciation Dar-cee
Meaning Dark
Born 2nd May, 2000
Current Age 13
Gender Female
Sexuality Bi-Sexual
Status Alive

One day, a magic fairy was working on a potion in the meadow when she spilled some on a tigerlily. The lily began to grow and out popped a little. The magic fairy sent her to the human world so she can grow. A couple picked the girl and named her Darcy, because she didn't have a name. The couple were so happy.
A couple years later, Darcy was 7 years old and she was in 2nd grade and was picked on for being the "only white girl" at her school. They also called her midget because she was smaller than the other kids. One day, at her school, a girl punched her in the eye and she came home with a black eye. That's when her parents decided that she was home schooled.
In present times, Darcy made a new best friend named Jordan who was 4 years younger than she was. They had the same interests, they hung out at each others houses, and they went to the same church. One day, when Darcy and Jordan were at the park, two of Darcy's other friends, Madison and Grace invited her to their house. Darcy went and it was time for Jordan to go home anyways. Darcy spent the night at Madison and Grace's house. During the night, Grace's sister, Hailey, went into their room and asked if they wanted to sneak out. Darcy, Grace, and Madison agreed and snuck out to their community's park. Someone was coming near the girls and the man grabbed Grace's ankle. Hailey and Madison tried to help get Grace, but nothing worked. Darcy felt a strange power come and the next thing you know, the man was tied up to a pole with vines trapping him. Madison, Grace, and Hailey said that Darcy did that. The same magic fairy in a hot air balloon said for her to come to a special camp, because it was her time to go to camp. She said goodbye to her friends and left for camp.
Background Info
Hometown Miami, Florida
Type of Childhood
Most Important Childhood Event Becoming a flower nymph
Religious Views Christian
Earliest Memory Now...
Family Info
Sibilings N/A

Eye Colour Green with Hazel in the middle
Hair Colour Light Brown/Dirty Blode
Height 5'1"
Weight 77 lbs
Native Language English, Spanish
Accent Southern Florida
Handedness Ambidextrous
Shoe Size 3
Blood Type O-
Eye Sight Needs contacts
Languages Spoken English
Health Status Healthy
Abilities Archery
Clothing Style Colourful
Distinguishing Marks White scar all the way down her chest
Body Style Curvy

General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames C.J. 
Current Location Camp Shape-Shift
Likes Noodles, Chicken, Nice people, people who speak English, Sherlock, Her friends, The Internet, Reading, Playing outside, Skateboarding, Brushing her hair often, playing Minecraft, listening to Music, playing the Piano, Dancing, Singing, Doctor Who
Dislikes Dying, People who aren't nice, Stupid people, The dark, Horror movies, Horror games, Brandon (OOC: a 9 year old who looooves to piss me off >.<), people who call her a 'Dumb Blonde', people who think she's dumb, Heights, Falling, Bullies, Being bullied WIP
Fears/Phobias Heights, The dark
Motto Keep moving forward, and you'll achieve your goal.
Things She Won't Do Go Bungie Jumping
Person They Secretly Admire WIP
Most Influenced By Her mother
Moral Compass North
Most Important Person Before Camp Jordan, her best friend
Most Important Person Now WIP
Immediate Goals To sing

Long Term Goals

Become a singer/pianist/dancer

Bad Habits Pacing back and forth when nervous
Sleeping Habits Talk in her sleep sometimes or sleep walks

Dream Job To become a singer
Current Job N/A

Colour Purple
Music Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Pop, K-Pop
Food Spanish, Mexican, WIP
Animal Dog
Book Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games

"Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney

Skills Karate
Weapon of Choice Dagger
Strengths Nature
Weaknesses Fire


General Personality
Cheerful, Sweet, Kind, Annoying, Nice, and kinda Short-Tempered. She can be pretty bossy, except to her friends. She gets annoyed when Brandon doesn't leave. She's not very helpful, unless she has her mind set. She has ADHD which is a learning disability. She gets distracted easily, can't sit still, sometimes blurts out rude comments, and doesn't listen as much. She fights it, but doesn't work very well. She can be shy at first, but she'll get used to you in time. If she sees anyone in danger, she'll try her best to help them as much as possible.

Reacts to a Crisis? Nervously
Face Their Problems? Maybe
Reacts to Change Panics
Alignment True Good

Attitude Kind
Personality Nice
Talents Singing, dancing
Social Skills

One Word to Describe Hot-headed
Best Physical Trait Eyes
Worst Physical Trait Arms
Things to Change About Self
Mental State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders N/A
Emotional Stability Stable

Greatest Fear The Dark
Most at Ease When? Listening to music
Past Failures
Biggest Accomplishment Saving her friend from the bullies
Darkest Secret Secretly believe that someone is watching her
Secret Known by Anyone? Jordan
Personal Tragedy
Outlook on Life
One Wish To be a singer or dancer
Character Flaw Plays with her hair

Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? Maybe
Perceived by Strangers Beautiful, Hot-headed
Perceived by Lover N/A
Perceived by Friends Amazing, Out-Going, and Odd (In a good way)
Perceived by Family
First Impression
Family/Friends Like Most? Jordan
Family/Friends Like Least Father
Name Relation Feelings
Jordan Best Friend Darcy loves Jordan with all her heart. Jordan maybe 9, but she and Darcy have the same common interest.

Role Character Plays Nymph
Inspiration Behind Creation Me!!!!! :D
Future Goals
Current Relationship None
Current Active RP's None