Dehila Night
Dehila anime
Vampire Shape Shifter
Beauty Queen
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Alissa Night(mother), Jane Karkal (granny)
Status Alive, 14, Single
Eye Color Green (crimson vampire form)
Hair Color Blonde (black, blonde highlights vampire)
Height 5'5
Affiliation Camp Shape-Shift
Weapons Spear and Javelin
Species Vampire Shape-Shifter
Home Vampire's Dorm
Quests None
This character is a Vampire Shape Shifter.


Shy but mean and selfish. She cares for ones she really loves. Otherwise she hates everybody.


When she was born on December 6th 1998 in Westchester, New York, her parents thought she was different. Her hair and eyes for some reason it all looked different. People used to criticize her because of that. She never understood what
Dehila vampy123

When she's in Human form.

was strange about the way she looked.There was really nothing different just the way she was made her strange. At 10 she would stand in front of the mirror for hours trying to figure out what was different. She found out that her grandparents were shape shifters. Her grandma was a Pegasus shape shifter and her grandpa was a cat shape shifter. The first time she shape shifted she screamed and shut her eyes. She only saw the first part. her eyes turned crimson. Her hair darkening. She never knew what she turned into. Her grandparents were the only ones who knew what happened. She ran away from home at 13. She was found by marine bioligists when she was starving at the edge of Lake Superior. They brought her home. When she got there she attempted to run away again. She parents had to tie her down to her bed with stong ropes everyday to keep her from breaking out of the house. She finally stopped trying to get away. Her parents enrolled her into a boarding school in China so they wouldn't have to deal with her. She now feels unloved by her parents because of that. When she first turned 14 she started having night vision. She is allergic to garlic. She got to Camp when she was asleep.
Dehila vampoohhohho

As a vampire

Her grandma picked her up when she started to roll of her bed. Her grandma went to this camp when she was a child. She flew her there.