Getting StartedEdit

To get started, you first need a Wiki account. Click the box in the top right corner labeled "sign up", and fill in the following. Complete the written tasks, then you're ready to move on to making a character. Click here (needs link) to go to the Character Selecting page. You can choose what type of animal you'd like your charactor to be able to shape-shift into. You can choose mythological animals, or twists to real animals. You can be a mortal, a shape-shifter, a bandit, or other human forms.

Creating a Character and Getting Them ClaimedEdit

Next, you need to create a claim. A claim tells us about your character. Include your character's picture, personality, powers, and history. Your history consists of your character's traits, behaviors of their animal in young life, how they got to camp, why they went to camp, etc.


Copy and paste this into your forum claim:









Getting a word bubbleEdit

To get a word bubble, go up to the top right and click "Conribute". a tool bar will come down, and click "Add a page". Type in Template:Character's name or whatever goes here. Select blank page. Copy/paste the following code into the page editor and fill in the word bubble with information for your character.

{{Word Bubble
|image = (image name, just add ".jpg" on the end)
|color = top colour
|color2 = bottom colour
|textcolor = top text colour
|textcolor2 = bottom text colour
|line = colour
|fonttype = font
|charname = First name
|charpage = Full Character Name
|species = Species
|title = (leave it blank unless you know what this is)
|time = {{{1}}}
|text = {{{2}}}