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Jordan "Sundance" Misae
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Deer Shape-Shifter
Lt of the Deer Dorm
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Violet Misae (Mother)

Liam Misae (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue/Gold
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7
Affiliation Camp Shape-Shift
Weapons Mini Crossbow
Species Shape-Shifter
Home Camp Shape-Shift

Phoenix, Arizona

Quests None
This character is a Deer Shape Shifter.


Jordan is a lovable tomboy. She's super hyper and loves partying, surfing and singing. She has a gift with music and is oddly peaceful. Sadly, she has a very short temper that she hates.


Jordan was born to Violet and Liam Misae on May 5th, 1996. When Jordan was born, her parents agreed not to tell her about shape-shifters until she was ten for her own protection so she mostly had a normal childhood, other than the fact that we lived in a hippie comunity in Arizona with her parents and every weekend when school was done Liam would take Jordan and Violet to their beach home in California.

When Jordan was eight, a shape-shifter family moved into the hippie comunity and became quick friends with the Misae family. Jordan met two sisters in the family named Bella and Sara. WIP