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Kasey Shanti
Phoenix Shape Shifter
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Mother & Father (unknown)
Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Red
Height .
Affiliation .
Weapons .
Species Shape Shifter
Home Camp Shape Shift
Quests None
This character is a Phoenix Shape Shifter.




Kasey's parents were unknown to anyone but Cymbeline and Luna and did very inportiant missions for the camp. When Kasey was born, her mother wanted to settle down and raise Kasey but, her father wanted to do one final mission before finishing. Her mother agreed and they left Kasey in the protection of camp but, they never returned. Luna didn't know what to do with the small child and she asked Cymbeline to put into the mortal foster system. Cymbeline agreed to because it only seemed right to her if Kasey learned about the world outside of camp. Luna inchanted a giant palm leaf, put Kasey in it and it took her to the mortal world.

Kasey was found alone on a beach by a young couple named Emily and Daniel Shanti. They adopted her into their family and raised her as their own child. Kasey's life was pretty normal until she turned seven. She began to get very sick, getting fevers and having painful cramps that would last up to 5 hours. During the times she would get sick, she would get very weak and tired. Nobody knew why she would get sick.

These continued to happened until she was eleven. She was at school one day, hanging out with her very few friends when some of the school bullies came over and started making fun of her friends. Kasey got so mad that she stood up and started yelling in the bullies faces, but what she didn't notice is that her skin had started turning a fire like color. WIP


Kasey is a beautiful girl that changes into an amazing Phoenix.

  • Kasey in Phoenix Form
  • Kasey in Phoenix Form
  • Kasey in Phoenix Form