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Fox 2
This character is a Fox Shape Shifter.
Kylie Kataniya
Fox Shape Shifter
The Sly and Shy One
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Siera and Jacob (Parents), Niall (my brother I never mentioned but, we adopted him from Ireland. He's a shape shifter, like me)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red (Cherry Red)
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Camp Shape Shift
Weapons In fox form: Teeth
Species Fox Shape Shifter
Home Camp Shape Shift
Quests None yet


Kylie is very shy and sneaky. She often doesn't talk but to people she can trust. She can get a little short-tempered abd hot-headed, especially when her brother pushes her buttons. But, other than that, she's calm, cool, and laid-back. She loves Niall to pieces and would do almost anything.


​When Kyle was 7, she would steal food or money or fine jewlary. She's very sneaky, sly, and quiet and no one would hear her. The owners didn't relize it until they found out it was missing. They'll go to Kyle's family first, since there anseters where foxes. They would merly say no because they didn't know what was going on and Kyle would hide the stuff.

14 years later, when Kyle was going around, stealing stuff, she got caught by a jewler and threaten to call the cops. Kyle just ran out and it started to go into a chase. Kyle was running fast and then, she shape shifted into a fox, and hid. She had no idea what happened. She ran home, secretly. When she got home, she shape shifted back into herself, and asked her parents what's going on. Her parents told her she was a shape shifter. Her father was a shape shifter. Her mother was a mortal. They told Kyle she'll be going to a camp called Camp Shape Shift where there others like her and said she'll be there forever. She ran inside, packed, and cried herself asleep

The next day, her parents were sending her to Camp Shape-Shift. Kyle didn't want to leave but, she had to, for her and parents good. So, a hot air balloon was waiting for her outside. She walked outside with her bags, got on, and the balloon started drifting away. She waved goodbye to her parents and didn't stop until they couldn't be seen. If felt like hours that she was in the balloon, but, they arrived.


Human Form: Red hair, white summer mini dress, denuim capri's, and plaid hi-tops.

Fox Form: A red fox with black hairs on her back, her tail is covered with red and black and the tip of her tail is white, her front legs are black and her back legs are kinda black.