This character belongs to Starostka
This character is a Snake Shape Shifter.

McKenzie -Snake Shape Shifter
-Head Counselor of Snake Dorm

Message – Look before you step


McKenzie -Snake Shape Shifter
-Snake Form-Head Counselor of Snake Dorm

Message – Look before you step

McKenzie Swallup
Snake Shape Shifter
Counseler of Snake Dorm
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Sandy, Alex, and Micheal Swallup
Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Red
Height 5'
Affiliation Camp Shape Shift
Weapons Bow and Venemous Arrows
Species Snake Shape Shifter
Home Camp Shape Shift
Quests None


My parents first realized that I wasn't normal when I turned 3. We went to the zoo and they took me to the reptile exhibit. Somehow I had gotten into a cage with an anaconda in it. They found me hugging the anaconda. I was screaming and wailing when the caretaker took me away from the snake. Another snake-related incident was when I let out all of the snakes from a research facility my class was visiting when I was 7. The scientists were studying snake behaviors so I saw all of the snakes in cages. That made me pretty mad so I sneaked away from the rest of the class and opened all of the cages. I got expelled from school that day, and was banned from the research facility. Another time I was working on my homework and daydreaming about snakes and how cool it would be like to be one. After a second I was a black snake with a red tummy. I screamed, but it came out not very loud. I spotted a mouse and snake instincts kicked in. I slithered quietly towards the mouse, and ate it. I felt really queasy when I turned back into a human and my mother had thought that I had stomach flu. A lot of other weird snake-related things happened to me, but I really don't want to talk about them.

I was at the zoo, admiring all of the snakes, when one of the snakes spoke to me. Most people would freak out, but I was quite used to it by now. “McKenzie,” it said, “Why do you stay with these people who don’t know your true abilities?” I was about to answer it, when a dragon flew in. Everyone screamed and ran, I was about to join them, when the snake told me to stop and wait. The dragon transformed into a girl with blue hair. She told me to get on. I automatically said yes, would you say no to a chance to ride a dragon? So I got on her, a blue dragon with a few white scales, and we flew all the way to Camp Shape-Shift. A few days later, after I had gotten used to the fact that I was magic, I went back home to my parents and my brother and explained what happened. They were shocked (duh) but fully understood that I should go to camp. So I packed my things, and right before I went back to camp, my dad gave me a green backpack. He said that my Great Uncle Mike gave it to him to pass down my family until a “special” family member came along.


Can be bubbly or cranky at times. Very much depends on the time and weather. Most will describe her as “moody”. Has a likeness for snakes. Dislikes mice and rats.


Name Relation Feelings
Sandy Swallup Mother She's great
Alew Swallup Father He's great
Micheal Swallup Brother My brother is amazing