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This character is a Rabbit Shape Shifter.
Mila Asher
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Rabbit Shape Shifter
Twin Sister of Fiona Asher
Pikachu Girl
Important Information
Gender Girl
Family Fi Sister
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4"
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Weapons Morning Star
Species Rabbit Shape Shifter
Home Camp Shape Shift
Quests None Yet


Calm, nice, snippy, bossy, cool, laid-back, and short-tempered. Basically, she likes a lot of people before she begins to know them and it affects her trust. She, then, has trust issues once when her friends betrayed her and now is afraid of most people. The only person she can rely on is her sister, Fiona. She loves Fiona and knows she can count on her for anything. She loves to read, write, and draw. Always expect her to be wearing a Pikachu hat.


Fiona and Mila were born to a Deer Shape Shifter. Since they couldn't be taken care of by there birth parents, they lived in an orphanage. Ever since then, they've lived there.

When they were both 12; Fiona and Mila were hanging out with friends, when Fiona had to get something. When Mila was talking with her friend, her friend, Tanya, betrayed her by slapping her. Mila cried and when Fiona got the thing she needed, she saw Mila crying and asked her friend what was wrong. Tanya said she didn't know. Fiona told Tanya to leave. Tanya was a monster hunting for Fiona and Mila who were shape shifters.

At the age of 14; Mila had trust issues ever since. Fiona had a friend named Kiaria. Kiaria was very nice, but Mila didn't trust her very much. When Kiaria, Fiona, and Mila were walking, Tanya returned. Mila coward in fear. Whatever Mila told Fiona that one time after Tanya slapped her was true. Tanya came and tried to beat up Mila again, but Kiaria stopped her from doing so. She protected not only Mila, but Fiona as well. Fiona did run into some mean folks once, but Kiaria saved her. Kiaria said she was a protector of both Fiona and Mila. Just then, right before Kiaria's eyes, Fiona and Mila turned into deers. Kiaria led them to a Hot Air Balloon. They climbed aboard and the balloon started to drift off. About mid-way to camp, Fiona and Mila turned back to human. It probably took days to get to camp. When they both lost hope, the balloon landed at camp. Fiona and Mila walked to camp. Mila wasn't exactly sure. But Fiona said that there parents would be proud that they were here. Mila and Fiona walked into camp, knowing they would be safe.

Fun FactsEdit

Mila's name is pronouced as: My-lah, not Mee-lah.

It's Russian for: "dear one".