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Fox 2
This character is a Fox Shape Shifter.
Niall Kataniya
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Fox Shape Shifter
Irish Fox
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Siera and Jacob (Parents), Kyle (Sister)
Status Alive
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'1"
Affiliation Camp Shape Shift
Weapons In fox form: Teeth
Species Fox Shape Shifter
Home Camp Shape Shift
Quests None yet


Niall has a great sense of humour, and everyone loves him, well, that's what he thinks. He constantly messes around with his sister, Kylie. His personality is amazing. He's also quiet and sneaky when he wants to. He slinks around, looking for trouble.


​When Niall was 9, he was adopted by the Kataniya's. They had a little girl 2 years younger than him named Kyle. He shared everything with her, even his weird feeling. Kyle said she had the same feeling everyday. He said he was sneaky and silent.

7 years later, One night, he was having a huge nightmare. He tossed, turned, and sweat. Luckly, Kyle and Niall slept in the same room but, had bunk beds. He stirred and finally work up crying. Kyle climbed to the top and asked what's wrong. Since Niall was a gigantic eater, he told her that the food in the world was gone. Kyle went downstairs, grabbed and apple, went upstaires, and gave it to him. He ate the apple and thanked her. Kyle said if there was anything he needed, he'd come to her. He climbed down, and hugged her, crying a bit in her red hair. Niall hugged her tight, saying if she was gone, he would cry.

2 years later, when Kyle came home she was a fox! An air balloon came down and took her away. He jumped and tried to reach her. He ran into the house, ran upstairs, and cried on the bottem bunk where Kyle slept. The next thing you know, he was a fox himself! He was shocked and rushed out of the house. There was a man trying to grab him. He skidded in his steps and ran the other way. Then, another man grabbed him and Niall turned human at the wrong time. A teen his age pucnhed the men and gave him a flyer of a camp. He later got a text of the camp.

The next day, a speed boat came an got him. He had his backpack with his stuff and some stuff Kye gave him. He waited and waited and saw a huge island. He was excited and couldn't wait. When he arrived, he saw Kyle and hugged her very tight and promised her to not go away. Kyle promised.