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Ren Marshall
Snake boy
Important Information
Gender Male
Family unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color gold
Hair Color silver
Height 5'8
Affiliation camp
Weapons mastery in martial arts and venom tipped swords
Species Demigod
Home camp shape shift
Quests None


He was created in 1999 to help a young shape-shifter against a group of thugs in Los Angeles. He and Ren battled with great prowess. the shape-shifters name was kevin. when they were both 13 years old Ren told him about his powers and everything. Ren was brought along with kevin when his father wanted them to see how he does his job. then Kevin's father got shot through the windshield. Kevin looked on in horror but Ren made him get out of the car. then the car exploded. Ren urged kevin to go on but kevin stopped and then a bullet went through kevin's head. Ren was mad now. two thugs came out in the open. one in the alley another on a rooftop. Ren managed to hide and get close enough to hear what they were saying, they said:we finally got that cop back for arresting our father. Ren waited in the shadows until they parted, he wrestled one of the from behind and managed to snap the thugs neck. he grabbed the gun and searched for the other thug in the shadows. the other thug was heading for the alley when Ren came out and shot him in the head. Ren ran away in tears when he heard sirens from the police vehicles around the corner. Ren travelled around at times making sure that kevin's house was safe and all right. he went around los angeles and heard there was a camp for people like him. he now lives there and in his perspective it is freaking awesome!


Ren is shy and doesn't talk much.