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Tori O'Brian
Tori 2
The Alpha Girl
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Oscar O'Brian (Father)

Ally Harlston (Mother)

Status Alive, 15 (Immortal), Single
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5
Affiliation Camp Shape-Shift
Weapons Dagger
Species Wolf Spirit
Home Camp Shape-Shift
Quests None


Tori, unlike her unknown step-brother Donovan, is always very quiet and doesn't like to speak much. She usually only talks around close friends and people she can trust.


Tori O'Brian was born in 1987. Her father was a hunter who tended to hunt wolves and foxes. Her mother was no where to be found as her parents split up when Tori was only 3. She always grew up around animals as she lived on a farm and she tended to always love animals. From rabbits to turtles to dogs to cats, she loved them all. It was her favourite time of the day that her and her father would catch fish together at a near by stream. THey did this for a long time, up till Tori saw a pack of wolves drinking from the stream when she was 8. They stopped visiting the spot and the closest they would get would be miles away.

Well she was out hunting with her father one late night she began to feel like she was being watched. This went on all the way until they reached the path back to their house. Suddenly Tori tripped over an overgrown tree root and fell on the ground. A bear quickly apppeared and began to run after her. It was metres away and she was prepared to let the animal eat her. Until her father shot his gun hitting the bear in the chest. Soon when her father took her inside he went into his bedroom to change out of his hunting gear when a human like creature with wings appeared and put Tori into a coma.

Many years had passed and Tori had finally awoken on the morning of January 5th 2013. She felt normal except for the fact that she was smaller than she remembered. The fairy had returned and told her what she had done and that Tori was now an animal spirit and that the reason the fairy had tooken her was because she sensed how much Tori loved wolves and dogs, and that she figured the species would benefit if they had at least one protector. Her father commited suicide the next morning when Tori had been put in a coma. The fairy soon took Tori to a camp on an island and said she would be safe. Unsure fo what to do, she walked into an office and cryed.



Name Relation Feelings
Oscar O'Brian Father I wish I could have said goodbye
Ally Harlston Mother I never knew her
Donovan O'Brian Half-Brother I just met him when I arrived at camp, looks like my mom got around